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My Background

Karin Samatis

As a concept artist in advertising and design for many years, it took a while for me to find my artist voice as a fine artist. That is when I decided to start painting unusual objects and settings, from the colorful fruits and veggies from farmer's markets, the food my daughter a chef has prepared or my morning coffee in those tranquil settings as I travel. Sometimes taking all the fun of my whimsical illustration background into some of my more unusual paintings.

Presently besides my love of painting, my day job as a sign artist for one the local Trader Joe's where my traditional illustration and concept art background flows easily into the traditional branding of the original sign art that is the trademark of all Trader Joe's stores.

I have exhibited at the Salem Art Association, Salem, MA, Lexington Art Association Art Walk, Lexington Arts and Crafts Society and the Monroe Center for the Arts in Lexington, MA, Reading Public Library, Albion Cultural Exchange, Wakefield MA, Coffee Shop Artist of Malden and Melrose, MA and a chair member and exhibitor for the Reading Art Walk (DRAW) in Reading, MA.

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